A young teenagers' paradise

Camping club in Ardeche with junior club: a kids' paradies
Diverse activities at a camping club in Ardeche with junior club
Shows and aktivities all around at your camping club in Ardeche with junior club

Yelloh ! Village Soleil Vivarais is just the perfect place for your children! Our organisers take good care of them at the Junior Club – for children 8 to 12!

Holidays are the period the year your children can totally relax. In the morning, from 10.00, children aged 8 to 12 can meet up at the Gardens area for a whole day of genuine fun and good laughs, under the supervision of professional organisers.

The Junior Club take care of your kids every day from 10h – 12h and 15h – 17h, except Saturday.

They take part to several activities depending on their tastes and their wishes. Once a week, a whole day is dedicated to the show's rehearsal. Everybody tries their costumes, gets caste into character and learns choreographies. You'll see, they just love to play their favourite characters. In the evening, they will come up with the most fantastic show!

In spring time, both mini-clubs get together