An Ardèche recipe to enjoy for your New Year's Eve dinner


La Cousina (chestnut soup) by Christiane Brioude

1kg AOP Ardèche chestnuts   

1L chicken stock  

1 grated nutmeg   

6 celery leaves   

1L crème fraîche    


Remove the outer skin from the chestnuts, cook them in water and when cooked, remove the second layer of skin  

Reserve 2/3 of the chestnuts   

Put the other 1/3 through a food mill…..

Boil the stock + nutmeg + celery + puréed chestnuts + salt & pepper for 30 mins 

Add the crème fraîche followed by the other 2/3 of the chestnuts

Simmer for a further hour


Bon appétit and Happy New Year!!

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